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Anyone who has the intention or plan to start health supplements and body care products for their beauty-related business must have stumbled upon OEM supplements and skin care Malaysia. What exactly is OEM health supplements and body care Malaysia and what you need to consider before opting for OEM. First things first, OEM stands for ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’ which is essentially a company that manufactures parts or goods under its own brand name for resale to other businesses. OEM products in Malaysia often take the form of sachets, capsules, tablets, or pills that contain concentrated amounts of nutrients and minerals designed to supplement the diet. Check out our OEM supplements from categories such as OEM skin care products, weight management and sport nutrition supplements

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Type of OEM

HAX OEM is an one-stop OEM product manufacturing company with high quality, leading developing and professional consultancy. We serve from small to large quantities. To gain your trust, we set up a very high product quality standard and built a comprehensive quality inspection management system, from material warehousing, to quality inspection when manufacturing, to quality control of semi-finished product and to quality assurance of finished product because we know only good management can win confidence. We do our best to help our clients create the cosmetic products they dream of. For that, we make sure that we always have the widest product range and are open for new ideas and challenging products.

Halal OEM Product

Wy Halal OEM is important?

Halal refers to food or products that are free from any ingredient that Muslims could not consume according to shariah (Islamic law). Thus, such food & beverage must be processed, made, produced, manufactured or stored without being contaminated with Non-Halal materials such as alcohol or pork. The majority of Malaysia resident are Muslim, the demand for products are always high. As such it is important for business (or Jenama Sendiri) to use ingredients that are certified Halal.

We are a HACCP and GMP OEM manufacturer. Our production, preparation, handling and storage practices are high level of Food Safety Standard.

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